Regina Girls Enjoy Notre Dame Homecoming

Grace Galante, Staff Reporter

A few weekends ago, many Regina students attended the homecoming dance at Notre Dame College Prep. The theme of this year’s dance was “Chicago’s Best,” which was completely fitting as Notre Dame won their homecoming football game 45-6 against Marian Central the night before.

The hallway leading into the gym was decorated with streamers and posters to celebrate the special night. Once students walked into the gym, they immediately began dancing right away.

Everyone had an amazing time. A favorite part of the night was when everyone moved into a huge circle and started jumping up and down to the music. Even though Regina girls were sad when the dance ended, they know they will be able to dance all again at the upcoming Fall Fling on Saturday.

Picture Gallery of Regina juniors at the homecoming dance. Go Panthers!

Photo Credit/Ashley Richards   Juniors Ashley Richards and Angelina Adamo posing for a picture before the big dance.




Photo Credit/Nicolette Anichini
Juniors Nicolette Anichini and Amanda Deja smile for the camera.


Photo Credit/Grace Galante               Juniors Grace Galante and Nora Clancy pose for a photo at the homecoming dance


Photo Credit/Amanda Deja
Juniors Molly Fay, Grace Galante, Amanda Deja, Isabel Hook, and Nicolette Anichini pose for a picture before going to the homecoming dance.


Photo Credit/Molly Fay
Juniors Molly Fay and Nicolette Anichini pose together before leaving for the dance.


Photo Credit/Brooke Hedlund
Juniors Brooke Hedlund and Anelise Leahy snap a picture as they get ready to leave for the dance.


Photo Credit/Brooke Hedlund
Juniors Brooke Hedlund, Anelise Leahy, and Lily D’Agostino pose and smile one last time before they go to the dance.

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