Editorial Policies

Mission Statement
Crown, an extra-curricular publication at Regina Dominican, is the online home of Regina Dominican’s student newspaper. It is published on a monthly and/or quarterly basis.

While each publication varies in style and goal, the binding mission is reporting with journalistic integrity to our readers without bias to race, religion, or social creed.

The paper serves as an arena to provide information and editorial leadership about school, local, national, and global issues, to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and to give coverage of newsworthy events directly related to the school, individual students, staff, and organizations.

Crown will avoid publishing any material determined by staff to be unprotected, that is, material that is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal activity or which the editorial board and/or adviser deem is in poor taste. Crown’s staff operates under the principles of the First Amendment and other protections and limitations afforded by the Constitution and the various laws and court decisions implementing those principles.

Comment Policy
Comments from readers are encouraged, but must first be approved for publication by Crown’s Editorial Staff.  Under the “fair comment rule,” a student may express an opinion on a matter of public interest as long as it is in good taste and approved by the editorial board.

Crown does not allow anonymous comments and requires a valid email address. The email address will not be displayed but will be used to confirm comments.

Grammatical and factual errors will be corrected in a timely fashion as soon as they are detected. If you find an error, please email Crown.

Professional Organizations
Crown will continue to grow its affiliations with journalism organizations/associations on the state and national levels. Crown will work with Regina’s Communications and Development offices to promote the school newspaper.

Contact Information
Crown Staff
Regina Dominican High School
701 Locust Road
Wilmette, IL 60091
847, 256-7660, ext.

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Editorial Policies