From Saints to Panthers

Eleven Girls from All-Saints Are Now Seniors at Regina Dominican


Queens girls living their Regina girl lives.

Maeve Newton , Layout and Design Editor

Aerin Abad, Anne Berg, Bridie Daly, Sophie Hoffman, Grace Langfels, Mairead Lowry, Hayley Magno, Maeve Newton, Francesca Onofrio, Kayla Smith, and Eva Seyferth. What do these girls have in common? They are all part of the graduated class of 2017 from Queen of All Saints, and they will all be graduating together from Regina Dominican come spring 2021. Once a saint, and now forever a panther. 

These girls have made a name for themselves at Regina. They are the notorious eleven girls who came together and remain together. Almost every classroom, sport, and fine art consists of one or more of these eleven girls. The Queens girls have such a large presence at Regina, and most importantly, in their senior class. Without them, many things would be different. 

Right off the bat, these girls began to immerse themselves into the joys and opportunities Regina had to offer them. Now looking back on their three years of success, they can all agree it has been time well spent. 

Every single one of these eleven girls has gotten involved in numerous ways. Almost all have competed on a variety of sports teams; many being at the varsity level. While they were succeeding in their athletic talents, many were able to simultaneously enrich their artistic skills through Regina’s unique and diverse programs in the arts. 

While their extracurricular pursuits flourished and grew, these 11 girls thrived in the classroom. Without pressure or bias, the all-girls environment presented these girls with the opportunity to be students who love to learn. Each girl has been named a part of the A and B honor roll. Along with more than half of the girls being placed in Honors, High Honors, and Superior Honors for their GPA. 

These activities are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Grace Langfels has climbed the ranks of the theater department and is now a stage manager. She was also on her way to student directing before her junior year was cut short. Aerin Abad is an accomplished dancer who has choreographed for the past two years for Regina’s dance team, Orchesis.

Anne Berg is a student who has earned many academic merits, and is a member of numerous honor societies. She is also a Peer Leader and Leadership Scholar alongside Sophie Hoffman, who has become an esteemed student as well. They both agree that Regina has enabled them to find focus in their learning through the community that desires personal success in each girl. 

Kayla Smith is the National Honor Society President and the captain of the swim team. Eva Seyferth has been a four year volleyball player. 

Bridie Daly, daughter of a Regina alum, connects with her mother on some of their shared experiences. She says, “Some of our shared experiences are senior kairos, playing sports… and being in honor societies.” 

Francesca Onofrio has been a dedicated member of her crew team and a very successful student. Hayley Magno has been an athlete and has acted as an influential ambassador to Regina. Mairead Lowry has become a powerful addition to the fine arts programs, while simultaneously acting as one of the tennis team captains and number one doubles team leader. Finally, Maeve Newton has been the president of her class for all four years, a three sport athlete, and an active member of the school community on a daily basis. 

Each of these unstoppable young women have become their own true and authentic selves through Regina, and they have done it together.

Through Regina these eleven girls have become confident students, caring classmates, and innovative young women ready to take on the world.