Calling All “Tourists” To The Home Of The Panthers!

Vanesa Hoxha, Staff Reporter

On January 9, 2019, your Regina Panthers got hyped up and prepared to protect their home court against rivals, the Resurrection Bandits. This was the first basketball game against the Bandits for the season.

The Panthers put a lot of hard work and dedication in  preparation for this game. When asked how long the Panthers’ basketball team was preparing for this game, Sophomore Reganne French stated, “through the season learning all of our defenses and all of the practices… so I’d say since the beginning of this year since the season started.”

This is French’s second year on varsity basketball. Considering the countless hours of gameplay, off-season training, and in-season practices French endured last year, she was asked how much of a difference it makes since the seniors from last year are gone?” She answered, “I think they were a very crucial aspect to our team, but I think the juniors from last year stepped up and helped fill those spots that were missing.”

Good energy filled the halls of Regina Dominican. From one Panther to the next, you could see the excitement in the air. While in the cafeteria’s lunch line, senior basketball player Caroline Spellman reached out to French’s shoulders, lightly shook her, and hollered, “Are you hyped for tonight?!”

As game time rolled in, the fans were hyped, too. The gym was filled with both Panthers and Bandits. The theme for the Panthers this year was “Tourist.” The Panther Pit was filled with floral tops, bucket hats, fanny packs, sunglasses, and yes… shorts and sunscreen too (even though it was about 30°F and 7:00 p.m.).

The Bandit’s fans swarmed (or should I say… “swam”) into the Regina Dominican with their theme being “Beach.” Outfits ranged from a regular lifeguard sweatshirts to actual bathing suits, floaties, swimming goggles, and swim caps.

The game kicked off with a prayer led by Sophomore Maddie Simonson and the National Anthem sung by Mr. Bohlke and sophomore Vanesa Hoxha.

After the starting line ups were presented, it was game time.

You could feel a sense of the sweet and sour tension in the air as the rivalry game began.

Cheers and chants ricocheted off one another as the student section of both the Panthers and Bandits went wild.

The hard work put in the game by both the Panthers and the Bandits did not go unnoticed. From the Panther’s impeccable drives to the basket, to the Bandit’s remarkable 3 point shots.

According to Regina Dominican Athletics, sophomore, Reganne French, lead the Panthers with 12 points.

Despite a great effort from the Panthers, we unfortunately came short with a 49-32 loss to the Bandits. However, the Panther Pit still overflowed with school spirit and cheered on the team until the very end.

While the outcome of the game is not what we had hoped, the basketball team gave it their all and left everything on the court. The Bandits may have won this one, but there is always next year.

Keep up the good work Panthers!

Photo Credit/Vanesa Hoxha