A Warm Welcome to World Language’s New Teachers

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A Warm Welcome to World Language’s New Teachers




Ying Zhou, Staff Reporter

Regina Dominican World Languages department is glad to have three new teachers. This year, the Regina community welcomes Ms. Ye (Latin), Mrs. Mandrea (French), and Ms. Olmos (Spanish). Each brings their unique experiences to our student population and offers their expertise in their designated language. 

Here are their answers to some questions we asked.

Why did you decide to teach at Regina?

Ms. Ye: “I moved here in August because my husband is starting a PhD program in Northwestern. I have always taught Latin, and Regina is very close to where I live.”

Mrs. Mandrea: “I really identify with the mission of empowering young girls to be future leaders.”

Ms. Olmos: “I was really taken by the school mission of leadership for young women.”

What do you like most about Regina so far?

Ms. Ye: “The girls here are really nice, and the academics are rigorous.”

Mrs. Mandrea: “I like the close community and how everyone knows each other.”

Ms. Olmos: “The students’ dedication to their own education. They are hardworking and studious.”

What do you do in your free time?

Ms. Ye: “I hang out with friends and go to Asian restaurants in the area.”

Mrs. Mandrea: “I play tennis.”

Ms. Olmos: “I don’t have much free time, but when I do, I like to explore the city, meet up with my friends, and dance.”

Can you share one interesting fact about yourself?

Ms. Ye: “I’ve been to North Korea.”

Mrs. Mandrea: “My undergraduate degree was in Bio-psychology.”

Ms. Olmos: “I taught overseas, in South Korea. It was a goal of mine, and I am very proud to say that I have accomplished it.”

What were you like in high school?

Ms. Ye: “Super nerdy. I was also into theater; I was the president of the drama club. I also joined the debate club.”

Mrs. Mandrea: “I was very shy. I was afraid to speak French.”

Ms. Olmos: “I was focused on my studies. I also hung out with friends a lot.”

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