Why Do People Hate Frosting On Cake?


As delightful as cake might sound, many people show disgust at the sight and taste of frosting spread across the cake.  Others might say frosting is the pizzazz to a beautiful cake. It’s sweet, creamy, and full of many flavors. Without the frosting, there’s no true beauty to a pretty cake, right?

Well, about half the human population  acknowledges on why frosting should or should not be allowed on cake. Half of them say cake is not a cake unless it’s frosted, the other half say frosting is too sweet so why put it on. Sarah, a bakery owner and daughter of a baker stated, ” Many people use prepackaged frosting instead of making frosting from scratch. The main complaint is that these frostings are too sweet” ( “How to Make Frosting less Sweet”).  Simple put, if you don’t want people to scrape the frosting off your cake, make it yourself. 

Cons about Cake frosting..
When making a cake, some bakers tend to rush with frosting it, when this happens the frosting dries quickly. When frosting is placed on too quickly, the temperature of the frosting gets stiff and can turn sticky from the heat of the cake if it’s not fully cooled. The overall time and expense in making a cake also leads to cheaper and less tasteful products.

I’ve asked a few people what they think about frosting on cake and here is one negative that was stated during our government cake day project,  Maddie Lunt shared, “some of the frosting was too sugary. I found that if frosting is overly sweet, it results in the eating around the inside cake part of a slice, or the ever popular scrape it off and shove it to the side of the plate.”

Pros on Cake frosting..
Cake frosting can have its benefits when people get into pretty decoration ideas enticing those to eat some.  Remember always having dibs on that big sugary rose when you were a kid ? The design made on the cake makes people delighted which makes them enjoy it more.

The type of frosting also matters.  Majority of people say they love buttercream or cream cheese frosting, like this positive comment here,  “I love cake with buttery cream cheese frosting, ” Mrs. Houston stated. This type of frosting is also effective for covering a cake because of its smooth creamy texture. Then there are those who like any kind of frosting, in fact, some love the sugary sweetness.  

Sam, a junior said, “I wouldn’t eat cake without frosting, unless it’s an ice cream cake, I think frosting is amazing.”   

So whether you love, tolerate, or dislike frosting on cake, apparently you’re not alone.   Everyone has opinions on this topic, I’m sure that come from years of taste experiences. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and government cake day, puts frosting to the test. Fortunately,  there is no right or wrong answer.