‘Tis The Season for Drive-Thru Christmas Light Shows

The best, brightest and safest drive-thru Christmas light shows and displays

COVID hasn’t stopped the Christmas spirit this year, so here are three great options to safely enjoy a Christmas light display with your friends or family.

#1 Zoo Lights

One of the most famous and popular Christmas activities around the city of Chicago is still operating during COVID, luckily for us. The Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo are open from November 21 until January 3, and are the most convenient and enjoyable experience for groups, whether it be of family or friends. Lights are strung everywhere around the grounds, and groups can roam on their own path, just enjoying the lights all around them. Animals can even make appearances sometimes in the outdoor parts of their enclosures.

In order to control the amount of people in the zoo at all times, tickets are being sold online for five dollars for all attendees, and you might want to secure your spot, because tickets are selling out quickly.

#2 Let It Shine Light Show

The Let It Shine Light Show is the largest drive-thru display on the North Shore, located around Northbrook Court Mall from November 15 to January 9. The trail for the lights is one big circle around the building, and guests stay in their car the entire time enjoying the lights from outside their windows. Different from the Zoo Lights, this display plays to classic Christmas songs, and the lights change and move with the different songs.

To once again observe how many people are going to be there and continue to follow CDC guidelines, tickets are being sold online. You can buy one ticket per vehicle driving in the lights for around $30 on a weekday and $40 on a weekend or a holiday like Christmas or New Years. You can even add a fast pass to your ticket for $15 to pass the busy lines! While it is a more expensive option it is still one of the most popular Christmas time activities, and definitely one of the most extravagant.

#3 Holiday in the Park Lights

You won’t be able to ride the roller coasters, but Six Flags is still holding their third annual Holiday in the Park lights exhibit from November 27 until December 30. With over three million lights, guests can walk the park and enjoy the spirit of being on the grounds, even without riding the rides. Tickets start at 19.99 each guest, but if you already have a season pass, you can get in for free!

Other than the lights, the amusement park is also offering socially distanced photo opportunities, and even opening some of their snack stands to sell holiday themed food and desserts. Multiple holiday activities have been planned as well like writing letters to santa, and an all outdoor holiday market. If you want a chance to experience Six Flags lit up by Christmas lights, and don’t mind the longer drive, buy your tickets now!