TikTok. What’s All The Hype? Why Is There A House For It?

Photo Credit/Toutiao

Vanesa Hoxha, Staff Reporter

I’m sure many of you, if not all all of you, have heard of the app TikTok. It’s the app where that one “Renegade” dance was created and you can see what everyone in the halls are doing.

TikTok, according to Oberlo.com, has “500 million active users worldwide, currently ” making it “the most downloaded app on the Apple app store.”

The content on TikTok varies from funny jokes, lip-syncing videos, points of view, life hacks, singing, and most recently, dancing.

Dancing has just recently begun to get “the hype.”

Charli Damileo, 15 years old, has a tremendous 18.4 million followers on TikTok. She’s got the “hype,” and she continues to have the hype living/visiting the “Hype House.”

The people who live/visit the Hype House are a group of popular creators who are said to have the “hype” on TikTok. They shoot TikToks in the house often and post the videos, getting millions of views and likes. Many people question who bought the Hype House. According to HollywoodReporter.com, Chase Hudson (with 10.4 million followers on TikTok) and Thomas Petrou (with 1.4 million followers on TikTok) are founders of the Hype House. The Hype House has an astonishing 6.3 million followers on TikTok.

Not only are famous TikTokers in the hype house, but recently, famous Youtuber James Charles has visited the Hype House. James Charles has 7.4 million followers on TikTok, but that doesn’t even compare to his 16.6 million subscribers on Youtube.

There are about 20 main members in the Hype House, give or take a few.

Recently, there has been a little drama in the Hype House.

TikToker Chase Hudson has recently been caught in a little mix up with Josh Richards (Josh Richards is another famous TikToker with 11.7 million followers). Everyone on TikTok has come to the conclusion that Chase Hudson and Charli Damileo have recently been getting really close. They even would refer to each other as “bestie,” but the fans think that it’s a little more than that according to the videos they post together and the comments on those videos.

With this being said, the fans and Josh Richards were shocked to see Chase then flirting with Nessa Barrett (she is also another verified TikToker with 1.4 million followers). People were shocked because rumor has it that Josh and Nessa might have something going on between them; if this is the case, then why is Chase flirting with her? Especially if Chase has something with Charli.

People believe that because of this drama the Sway LA House was created. The Sway LA House consists of about 10 members, some of the members even being ex-members of the Hype House. Although the Sway LA House was created, some of the members still hang around with members of the Hype House and vice versa.

For example, Anthony Reeves (another verified TikToker with 5.1 million followers also known as “Luv Anthony”) is apart of the Sway LA House, yet he still hangs out with people in the Hype House. He is currently in Hawaii right now with members of the Hype House, and yes, that includes Chase Hudson. On the other hand, people from the Hype House hang out with people in the Sway LA House. TikToker Addison Easterling (11.7 million followers on TikTok) is apart of the Hype House, yet she still hangs out with, Sway LA member, Bryce Hall (2.7 million followers).

The Hype House has lately been the talk all over TikTok. The Hype House is known to be very selective and will only welcome those with the “hype.”

Recently, people have been making accounts for a Hype House in almost every state. Yes, even Illinois has a Hype House.

How long before “the hype” is over? Will it ever be?