Regina’s In Person School Allows for Remote Learners, too.


Senior Mia Badame. Photo/Stuart Rodger

Mia Badame, Editor

My name is Mia Badame and I am a senior here at Regina Dominican. As of this semester, I am doing remote learning with a few other students and teachers.

So far, it has been a positive experience. I wake up at 7:00 every morning to get ready for the day. My first class begins soon after I set up my workspace and I go right onto my laptop. I stay for every period on a camera placed near the rest of my class and it feels as though I’m really there. Teachers include remote learners in-class conversations, activities, and even projects! In this case, I feel connected with my peers and instructors.

Last year, when all students went remote, it was most convenient for us to have virtual meetings with teachers around once a week and to complete school work until the clock hit 3:00. Now that less of my peers are remote, it is easier to attend an entire class with the rest of the face-to-face students than to figure out things for myself. The teachers are very understanding when it comes to home life and us having to take time away for other things.

In my circumstance, I have a younger brother and sister who are also doing remote learning but for elementary school. While both of my parents are at work, I have to care for them and my 6 animals laying around the house. Although we are required to keep cameras on at all times, teachers are lenient when these situations occur. In certain classes, we are able to leave the virtual class and work independently. This can prevent distractions from work that needs focused attention and helps lead students to work on time management.

I am currently taking Film Studies which requires students to watch movies or short films and closely analyze them. As soon as I am told to do so, I may leave the live stream of class and watch these movies on my own so that I can get a better look and listen to what I am instructed to do. This is exceptionally helpful because it allows students to focus deeper on the subject and to feel more self-sufficient on a certain level.

I personally tend to do better when working alone because I can feel truly satisfied with the outcome. Although I can be considered a perfectionist to an extent and take a bit longer on assignments, my teachers understand that and help me when needed. If I ever have questions, all I need to do is shoot an email and they get back to me as soon as they have the time in the day.

Since a few of my teachers are virtual, they are able to communicate with the other instructors on the difficulties of teaching on a computer versus physically attending Regina. This is another reason as to why the Regina Dominican staff is so understanding about the current circumstances. They trust their other staff members’ input and apply it to everything else going on.

Students can both learn and flourish while preventing any spread of the coronavirus to others by participating in our remote learning. I would like to thank our school for creating such a welcoming environment for students this year. With Covid-19 being such a negative occurrence, Regina really knows how to look on the bright side of things and find a way to make it happen.

I am expecting to continue my online journey through Regina Dominican until the end of the school year and I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity.

Go Panthers!