Regina’s Paws Up Student Raffle Brings in $50,000 for New Renovations



Three architectural designs for the new Regina Dominican remodel.

Regina Dominican has been raising money through the Paws Up Student Raffle for the past two years. Each year, students raise money by selling raffle tickets for five dollars each to reach their personal goal, in hopes of receiving an out of uniform wristband and an extra day added onto Thanksgiving break. In years past, money has been raised to build the Panther Patio, new bleachers, renovations to the locker room, and other updates around the building. This year, a new and exciting concept was delivered for what the money will be used for.

Each student had a personal goal of $150, with a school-wide goal of $35,000. If students sold their required amount of thirty tickets, they received an out of uniform wristband and other special treats including a Regina sticker, candy, and coffee. The majority of tickets were sold online, but paper copies were still available for purchase.

Junior Maeve Gibbons said she loves the raffle, “It’s a great way to get my family and friends involved in the Regina community.”

Even students learning remote in other countries were able to participate in the raffle, tickets were sold as far as Spain and China! While students were sad not to have an assembly to kick off the raffle, the Advancement Office wasn’t disappointed with the outcome of the raffle.

“This has been one of our best years yet,” said Ms. McCann ’09, Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations. Over $50,000 was raised just from the raffle alone.

The student with the most raffle tickets sold was senior Margaret Stutz. The runner-up was freshman Kathryn Starrman, followed by senior Laura Strenk. The grade with the most tickets sold were the seniors, with Ms. Eichler’s 104 Advisory taking the win. Top winners received fun prizes such as candy, gift cards, and even cash! The Advancement Office is so proud of all the hard work done by students, and students are even more proud of their hard work!

Design for new student entrance/locker area.

This year’s raffle money will be used towards phase one of Regina’s campus redesign project. The renovations will start in the heart of the school: in the student entrance and cafeteria. The new part of the building was designed by Carol Ross Barney ’66, who is a highly respected architect, responsible for designing the new Chicago Riverwalk, Rock and Roll McDonald’s, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building. The designs for the new building are modern, open, and beautiful. The renditions portray the heart of the school perfectly and create an open space for students to learn, talk with their friends, and walk between classes. The new designs even have an open locker area, something very new to Regina girls.

There is no official date for when renovations will start, but the Advancement Office is hoping to start sometime next year. With $2.6 million already raised, the school is already looking forward to the finished first stage of the renovation. Regina girls are very excited to be a part of raising funds for the new building, and the Class of 2021 will be first in line to visit when the renovation is finished.


More architectural designs for the Regina Dominican student entrance remodel.
Architectural design for the outside of the new student entrance.