PAWS UP Week of 11/30

  • Carrie Hines gives a PAWS UP to Delilah Storball because she walks her sister to school in the morning because her mom is already at work
  • Courtney Frederick gives a PAWS UP to Peyton Olszewski because she always helps students who are struggling with homework and is an overall good person
  • Kate Stieve and Abbey Farmer give a PAWS UP to Mr. Michalek because he cares about his students and is understanding no matter what
  • Leia Spaniak gives a PAWS UP to Maggie Stutz because Maggie recently showed her skill and talent at an Irish Dance Competition
  • Tranice Fain-Yarbrough gives a PAWS UP to Kate Ludden because she created a template for an advisory activity so that each student could create her own flag
  • Anais Martinez gives a PAWS UP to Veronica Crain because Veronica always offers to help her fellow students. She will have “study sessions” with students until they can successfully solve a few problems on their own.