PAWS UP! For The Week Of November 29

Nominator: Maggie Kevin

Nominee(s): Reganne French

Why? Paws up to Reganne for cleaning the senior lounge. She always vacuums and cleans up after us although we should be doing it ourselves and she’s so awesome for keeping that space clean and efficient for our use. Paws up to Reganne!


Nominator: Montserrat Arjona – Sisto

Nominee(s): Lisa Boris

Why? Big paws up to Ms. Boris for all her hard work organizing the Thanksgiving service. We all enjoyed it so much! Thank you Ms. Boris!


Nominator: Joan Kitchie

Nominee(s): Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Arends, Mrs. Michalek, Ms. Genetos, Ms. McCann, Mrs. McNulty

Why? For collaborating and coming together to create a successful day of giving for Regina Dominican


Nominator: Lisa Boris

Nominee(s): Everyone who participated in the Thanksgiving prayer service

Why? It was a beautiful way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge, experience, and talents with us


Nominator: Colleen Kaferly

Nominee(s): Abbey Schurr

Why? For being a computer scientist and problem solving in real time to fix our coding platform


Nominator: Colleen Kaferly

Nominee(s): Abbey Schurr, Kirka Kallioras, Sarah Herrmann

Why? For helping out with STEAM Night and showing future panthers how much fun computer science is


Nominator: Jen Salerno

Nominee(s): Artist of the Week – Mae O’ Regan

Why? For her design being selected as the cover of the Regina Dominican Christmas Card


Nominator: Brian Mancuso

Nominee(s): Athlete of the Week – Payton Olszewski

Why? Payton had 8 and 7 assists in the 2 basketball wins before break


Nominator: Brian Mancuso

Nominee(s): Athlete of the Week – Maeve Gibbons

Why? Game Winning basket at Amundsen