PAWS UP! For The Week Of November 1

Nominator: Mrs. Cassidy

Nominee(s): To the seniors

Why? Congratulations to the seniors for meeting the November 1st College deadline!


Nominator: Kristyne Cochrane

Nominee(s): Marti Barthel, Patti Fuentes, and Kathy Mahar

Why? Excellent communication to the attendance office regarding students coming and going so Panther’s attendance is accurate!


Nominator: Ellie Rich

Nominee(s): Sarah Anichini and Julia Martin

Why? For moderating their first Panther Book Club! It is great to see you both in a leadership role and inspire future Panthers!


Nominator: Cathy Van Treese

Nominee(s): Mallory Schwarck

Why? Mallory stayed after advisory had ended to clean up all materials used without being asked. Thank you, Mallory!


Nominator: Morgan O’ Leary

Nominee(s): Maddie Simonson

Why? Maddie helped me find a carrot costume to match Avery’s bunny costume!


Nominator: Joan Kitchie

Nominee(s): Ms. Genetos, Ms. McCann, Mrs. McNulty

Why? For directing and screenwriting The Rose family skit for our faculty and staff morning meeting.


Nominator: Joan Kitchie

Nominee(s): Melanie Ovalle

Why? Melanie was our student speaker for the Veritas Dinner and was amazing! Thank you for helping out the Advancement team!


Nominator: Ms. V

Nominee(s): Period G Jazz Class (Gabi Kerrigan, Kathryn Starmann, Kathy Marzec, Kristina Mauer, Layla Hajdarovic, Maddie Barney, Beca Marqueda)

Why? These dancers participated in a spontaneous performance of Thriller on the 2nd floor hallway! Paws up dancers for starting our Halloween weekend on a high note!


Nominator: Elizabeth Schuster

Nominee(s): Ellie Rich and Enrollment Team

Why? They created and executed a well run and joyful open house experience. Paws up!


Nominator: Kate Houston

Nominee(s): Peggy McNulty

Why? The Yearbook Staff thanks Mrs. McNulty for purchasing picture frames and creating a new wall on the bridge of yearbook covers.


Nominator: Mrs. Salerno

Nominee(s): Katie Koenig

Why? Artist of the Week


Nominator: Brian Mancuso

Nominee(s): Nora McCabe (Athlete of the Week)

Why? Cross Country Runner – Qualified for IHSA State Finals this Saturday in Peoria!