PAWS UP! For The Week Of August 23


Nominator: Helene Genetos and Joan Kitchie

Nominee(s): Muriel Reese

Why? For helping the Advancement team with videos this summer.


Nominator: Pam Cassidy and Terese Sullivan

Nominee(s):  Lexi Tingle, Mirai Silva, Katie Kirkland, Claire Astolfi, Lelas Musa, Suri Kim, Stella Ozenbaugh, Sydney Ford, and Samantha Russo

Why? Welcome to our transfer students!


Nominator: Pam Cassidy

Nominee(s): Daina Muslicic and Reganne French

Why? For assisting with the transfer student orientation


Nominator: Arjona-sisto

Nominee(s): Meredith Martelli

Why? For jumping on board the world language Department “In extremis” and doing a great job!


Nominator: Jordan Doles

Nominee(s): Lisa Boris

Why? For helping me when I was rear-ended on the way to the first day of school!


Nominator: Bao Hoang

Nominee(s): Mirek and Tom

Why? For helping make all the office and classroom updates go smoothly and handling all the facilities request with a smile!


Nominator: Jennifer Herrington

Nominee(s): Rhoda Akosah, Julia Cerimele, Latrisha Taylor, Molly Heaney, Beca Marqueda, Soph Watson, Francesca Alferez, Sarah Degand, Sarah Herrmann, Kirka Kallioras

Why? These students grew their leadership superpowers this summer through participation in the Generation Equality Forum, HOBY, the Illinois Leadership Seminar, the National Student Leadership Conference, and the Global Youth Ambassadors Leadership Summit. Regina Girls Lead!


Nominator: Lisa Boris

Nominee(s): Kathryn Starmann, Maddie Lunt, Catherine Patti, Emma Bevenour, Molly Heaney, Maddie Evanoff

Why? For sharing their video reflections on the school theme at the faculty retreat.


Nominator: Fred Donnelly

Nominee(s): Bao Hoang

Why? Completing 2021 Audit!


Nominator: Pattie Fuentes

Nominee(s): Julia Cerimele, Madison Maloney, Kendall Maloney, Lexi Facchini, Eden Blumberg

Why? Volunteering in the Panther Patio Garden over the summer


Nominator: Ellie Rich

Nominee(s): Colleen Kaferly

Why? For putting together an amazing Freshman Orientation!


Nominator: Brian Mancuso

Nominee(s): Madison Maloney (Athlete of the Week)

Why? Medalist in 3 way match with Resurrection and Montini