Panther of the Month: December

Grace Galante, Content & Social Media Editor

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Our Freshmen Panther of the Month is…….Ella Lynch!

Ella Lynch is known not only for her performance on the cross country team, but for her kindness, positivity, and support of other Regina girls. Ella’s friends describe her by saying “She is always striving to do her best and achieve the best things she can academically and with her grades. She is super involved in the school, and she always has been, even at St. Juliana. She is a great friend and supports everyone around her. She never gossips about anyone, and always stays out of drama. She cares so much about everyone and never fails to be kind. Ella truly represents a Regina girl.” Ella is also known as a “total comedian” and inspires her classmates with her talent for running and her healthy eating and lifestyle. Paws up to Ella!





Our Sophomore Panther of the Month is……..Meghan Martens!

According to the sophomore class, Meghan is “the kindest girl in our grade. Always has a smile on her face and cares about others more than herself.” She is admired for her optimism, intelligence, and willingness to help others. Meghan never hesitates to listen to other people’s problems and offers up great advice. Meghan’s friends say that “she’s so sweet and an icon. I look up to her and her healthy living.  I love her spirit and kindness. She’s also excellent at school and a genius. Also, she’s a very good team player and a great soccer player!” Additionally, Meghan has lots of school spirit and wants the best for all of her fellow panthers. Paws Up to Meghan!





Our Junior Panther of the Month is…….Lila Acott!

Lila Acott is not only one of the most involved students in our school, but she is “an amazing friend, always there for everyone, a hard worker, and always so kind.” Lila is super energetic, intelligent, a talented trumpet player, and most importantly – an amazing friend to have! Her friends describe her as “one of the strongest, supportive, and most hardworking people I know.” Last but not least, her classmates acknowledge that “she’s a queen.” Paws Up to Lila!






Our Senior Panther of the Month is……Grace Ganshirt!

Grace, who is our reigning athlete of the week, is an amazing panther both on and off of the bowling alley. Grace is definitely a bowling legend, but she also is “humble in everything she does and never has anything negative to say.” Grace is described as “the most mellow fellow you’ll ever meet” and is known for her impeccable comedic timing. In addition to these wonderful qualities, Grace is kind-spirited and is always available to help a friend. Paws Up to Grace!

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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