Ode to Orchesis


Photo Credit/Cierra Moore

Orchesis thanks dance teacher, Ms. Valadez after the March performance.

Riley McInerney, Kaleidoscope Staff

The crowd falls silent; the lights have dimmed.
All of a sudden, young dancers appear.
Music fills the room as the show begins;
They start to perform, their talent is clear!

The hip hop dancers begin with their dance,
Each movement in perfect in synch with the beat.
Then graceful ballerinas leap and prance:
Their technical mastery is no small feat!

Many hours of hard work revealed to amaze, With cameras flashing, the stage aglow.
A mesmerized crowd shouts cries of praise, Welcome to Regina’s Orchesis show!
A final courtesy- it’s over- oh no!
And thank you Ms. V, for running the show:)