No, the Government is Not Releasing Chemicals Into the Air From Planes

No, the Government is Not Releasing Chemicals Into the Air From Planes
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The Claim

Suzanne Maher, the founder of the chemtrail conspiracy group “Bye Bye Blue Sky”, claims that the condensation trails or the white streaks left in the sky from airplanes are actually chemicals that the government releases into the air to control the weather.

Who Is Behind This Information?

Suzanne Maher was once the leader of a well-known group amongst chemtrail theorists called Bye Bye Blue Sky. However, no other information about her or her group was found through a thorough Google search and the Bye Bye Blue Sky website is for sale for $7,795. There are a lot of other chemtrail conspiracy groups such as conspiracist Russ Tanner’s. He continues to run one of the largest known social media chemtrail groups called, Chemtrails Global Skywatch. No matter the chemtrail group, they all have one thing in common: believing the government uses chemtrails as control tactics.

A Look Into the Evidence

After some research, it is not surprising to find out that chemtrails do not exist. Harvard University physics and engineering professor, David Keith, and his research group, conducted research about chemtrails and he had a discussion with many chemtrail theorists. He found that there is no definite evidence of chemtrails existing. Also, this theory has been debunked by many different researchers all over the world such as the US, Britain, Australia, and more. The chemtrails that theorists claim to be chemicals are simply contrails, or water vapor in the air due to airplane jets. 

Our Rating

This theory is not legit whatsoever. It holds absolutely no truth to it and has been disproven many times.


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