No, Harvard scientist, Avi Loeb, did not find material from an interstellar alien spacecraft

No, Harvard scientist, Avi Loeb, did not find   material from an interstellar alien spacecraft

The claim 
In 2014, Harvard scientist, Avi Loeb, claimed that he found fragments of alien technology from a meteor that landed in the waters by New Guinea.

Who’s behind the information?
Astrophysicist Ari Loeb of Harvard University claimed to have found fragments of an alleged alien spacecraft. This article published on Deccan Herald, explained how the man came across these fragments and what made him speculate that they could be from an alien spacecraft. According to New York Times, Loeb is the most famous practicing astronomer currently in the United States. He taught science at Harvard from 2011-2020. News channel NBC interviewed the scientist who gave his knowledge on how he identified these fragments. Loeb claims, “It’s a win-win proposition because even if we find that these aerial phenomena are rare atmospheric effects that are not expected, we learn something new. If there is something out there, we need to find out.” The United States government recorded the data, which was discovered by Loeb and an undergraduate. Loeb set out on an expedition to retrieve the fragments off the Pacific Ocean seafloor.

Look into the evidence & experts
According to a New York Times article, “many astronomers believe that Dr. Loeb is making an outlandish declaration that is too strong and too hasty.”

Many of Loeb’s colleagues are now refusing to conduct any peer review of Loeb’s work as they feel it diminishes the importance of good science. Others feel the data collected by the U.S. government may be lacking in true precision, which could have faulty measurements.

As Dr. Peter Brown, a meteor physicist at Western University in Ontario said, “We know from experience, running ground-based radar and optical networks, that you often find several percent of all the events you detect appear to be interstellar. To date, nearly all those events could be chalked up to measurement error.”

Our rating 
Mostly Not Legit. Although there is no sufficient evidence that the fragments the Harvard scientist found are actually from an alien spacecraft, Dr. Loeb has made many statements that support his theories of interstellar life; however, the majority of scientists disagree with his findings and blame incorrrect measurements as the basis of Dr. Loeb’s claims.

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