You think I’m mad. Don’t worry, I think you’re mad too. It smothers an anger that is boiling up inside of you. I can feel it burning a hole through your heart. It’s too strong, and your fear feeds it even more. Your fear of loneliness, and your fear of belonging. Your fear of love, and your fear of hatred. That fear feeds your anger, which is covered by the madness, and is caused by a sadness. You are lost now. You’re lost and confused with no one to turn to and no body to turn away from. You’ll spend your life spinning in circles, clinging as tightly as you can onto anything you can hold until your knuckles turn while and you need to let go. That sadness spawns a fear that feeds your anger that is hidden by your madness. So if I’m mad, then you are mad too. We are all mad together, and it is hard to break free. Let us stay close now, and comfort each other as best as mad people can. For if there is anyone who knows you best, it’s someone in the same place as you, looking from the same window, standing on the same floor. I can see you.
Can you see me?

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