Jester Column Jokes of Jealous Juniors As They Wish Seniors Goodbye

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Jester Column Jokes of Jealous Juniors As They Wish Seniors Goodbye

Liz Loeher and Ann Schultz

As the seniors prepare to graduate, it’s a good time to reflect on all that they’re leaving behind as they continue on their journeys to college: the hallowed halls of Regina, their beloved teachers, their slightly-jealous-but-not-showing-it junior friends.

Seniors took their last final on Monday, and have since been spending the week relaxing and preparing for upcoming convocation and graduation ceremonies. Regina’s juniors have been going to their classes, per usual, and are extremely excited for another year of watching, but not participating in, the graduation festivities.

The class of 2018 has made incredible academic achievements over their four years at Regina, and many are anxiously awaiting freshman year at their top choice colleges. Their junior friends are just as thrilled to be spending another year in high school.

“Would I like to be out there, enjoying my summer and getting ready for one of the most important days of my life?” says one Regina junior. “Yeah, sure, I guess, but I have eight finals next week and, honestly, that’s just as fun.”

When pressed for further comment, the junior repeated, “It’s just as fun, you guys! Seriously. I’m fine.”

A recent poll from Regina’s statistics class found that forty percent of the junior class identified as “bitter,” and another twenty percent as “really happy for the seniors. No, really happy, you guys. I mean it.”


Happy graduation, class of 2018, from us at the Jester! Enjoy your summer before the crippling fear of starting all over in a brand new place sets in.

We love you!

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