Freshmen and Transfer Students Begin In School Learning at Regina


Maggie Ghislandi outside enjoying the weather while eating lunch.

Karly Svachula, Staff Reporter

As we enter the 2020-2021 school year, we face a lot of new challenges already.  New rules, new guidelines, new learning styles; but, for some, a totally brand new school.  Regina Dominican has welcomed the freshman class of 2024, as well as new transfer students.  Four new girls have transferred this year, ranging from sophomores all the way to seniors.

A few students this year have transferred to Regina, which range from local suburban public schools to a student who has come from a completely different city and state Boston, Mass.  To ensure the girls are welcomed properly, Regina provided the freshman and new transfer students with their own student orientation.

The orientation lasted two days and was held before the first official day of school..  At the orientation, students were lead by a group of Peer Leaders, girls who apply for a leadership role to help guide younger and newer students to Regina, during the year.  These peer leaders helped to warmly welcome the students. They also provide mentorship for the girls and they are encouraged to come to talk to them if they ever need anything as they transition into school. Peer Leaders discussed their new schedules and took them on a tour around the building.  The students and peer leaders also took part in many team bonding activities. Most importantly, the peer leaders introduced the girls to the Regina values.

Transferring schools is already a hard task to handle, but especially during senior year and a pandemic.  College planning, meeting new people, and adjusting to the school culture are just a few difficult factors of this transition during their senior year.

But for Maggie Ghislandi, it has been a totally different experience.  Moving from Boston all the way to the Chicago area just this year, Maggie had to decide where to attend her last year of high school.  In her previous high school years, she had already attended an all-girls private school.  Maggie and her parents decided it was going to be best to continue her career by attending another all-girls private school; they had found Regina to be the perfect fit for Maggie.

Maggie said, “I have grown to love Regina, especially staff members Ms. Tully and Mr. Sanfillipo.  I love how they actually care about the students.”

Besides the upperclassmen, the underclassmen are also excited about their recent transfer.  Sophomore Lauren Millar had decided to make the change once she realized she needed more one on one help.  Previously attending New Trier High School,  Lauren was afraid to speak up because she was not sure what would go into having to switch schools.   After thinking about this difficult situation, she had finally made the decision to look into different schools in March. Once she came to Regina, she instantly loved it.

“Regina seemed like such a great fit, such a great community. I do not at all regret the decision I made,” says Lauren Millar. 

To say the least, both girls are very happy with the transition they had made into Regina.  When asked what advice they would give to any new incoming girls, Maggie and Lauren both had given very positive advice for new students who will also be coming into Regina.

“Incoming girls should know that they are walking into a very accepting community who will love you for you,” says Maggie Ghislandi. 

“My one piece of advice to any incoming girls is to trust your gut. if you are struggling in a class, reach out to your teacher, they are there to help. Regina is the best place to be!” says Lauren Millar.