Among Us: The Worlds Newest “Imposter”

Among Us, the online multiplayer game created by InnerSloth has been deemed a sensation of 2020. Originally created on August 17, 2018, the game did not fully take off until July 2020. Streaming apps like Twitch and Youtube, and eventually even hitting Tik-Tok, are all to be thanked for the major take-off of the game.

The game takes place on a spaceship, holding four to ten online players. On this spaceship, the players try to maintain the ship and land back to civilization, all to result in a “victory”. The players labeled, “crewmates”, are those who complete the tasks in a timely way, in order to be able to bring the ship back to normal.  But, there is a catch. Among the four to ten players, an “Imposter” is chosen, which it’s main job is to pretend to be a crew member, while really just sabotaging and killing off crewmates.

For many students here at Regina, Among Us is a very well known game as well.  From being played throughout the school day, to at home with each other online.

“Among Us is just a great game to play to pass time and make new friends,” says senior Hayley Magno.

“I play to have fun in advisory with my gang,” says senior Ellie O’Bryan.

Along with the popularity, places like Halloween stores were being affected due to the game.  Many videos were being produced to “cosplay” the game and people even wanting to dress up as a character for Halloween. Everyone wanted to get their hands on their own spacesuit and helmet.

The game is free and available for download on Android, IOS and Windows. On Steam online, it is $5.00.  The game is also available internationally.