Dominican Preacher and Student Council President Reflects on Leadership


Photo Credit/Yearbook Staff

Emily McNaughton, Staff Reporter

Over the past four years that I have spent here at Regina Dominican, the one common term used repeatedly is leadership. Although the word leadership has been instilled into our inner being each and every day, I believe that there is still confusion among our community of what it actually means.

Over the past weeks, I have had time to think about what leadership means to me. I believe that a leader comes in many different forms.

  • A leader doesn’t follow the trend or the popular belief. A leader has her own thoughts and ideas and she voices her opinions on things of importance.
  • A leader knows when to stand up for what she believes in and when to sit down when her voice is not needed.  A leader owns up to her weaknesses and admits when she has made mistakes. Sometimes the best leaders take a moment to simply listen to others or remain a quiet presence with others.
  • The most important factor of being a leader is living in honor and tries to do the right thing in every situation.

As my senior year comes to an end, I want to take some time and reflect on how I used my leadership position in the community. Last year, I ran for Student Council President. I won the election and was very excited to fulfill my duties as a leader of the student body.

As a voice of my peers, I believe it is my responsibility to stand up and speak out for those who feel they are not being heard or represented within the community.  I also understand that I set an example for the family that is Regina. Sometimes, the best leader knows when to sit in silence with those who feel upset rather than speaking out and adding to the fire.

I am one voice of many, but we are all leaders in our own way. When we realize this for ourselves, the better and stronger our Regina family will become.

I want to ask my peers at Regina as well as the parents, alumnae, faculty and staff, and the many others who are part of this community to take a moment to self reflect on their leadership role. We must use the moments of leadership in our lives to become a more unified and stronger family.

Servant of God Dorothy Day once said, “People often believe that their actions have ‘little to no effect.’ They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, and take one step at a time.”

As we continue in 2019, let us strive to fulfill our own special roles to better our family. May we grow as leaders within this beautiful community, and remain in the tradition that is Regina Dominican High School.

Have a great day family of Dominic and Catherine of Sienna!