The Importance and Power of Sportsmanship In the Time of a Pandemic

Kathleen Houston, Advisor December 10, 2020

Who wouldn't like Merriam-Webster's definition of sportsmanship: conduct (such as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport?"...

Adele Sets Fire to the Rain on SNL

Adele Sets Fire to the Rain on SNL

Kathleen Houston, Advisor November 12, 2020

Just when the world was getting so bleak and hopeless, with the never-ending pandemic and the tense political climate, Adele pops up on Saturday Night Live in late October turning "my sorrow into treasured...

Regina Students Learn Guitar

Regina Students Learn Guitar

Abbey Farmer, Contributing Staff Writer February 6, 2020

During the first semester, seven Regina students took Mr.Pligge's guitar class. The girls, ranging from all grade levels, learned the basics of guitar. Some of which included, reading music, note fingerings,...

Regina Community Mourns Alum Stella Galanis, '16

Regina Community Mourns Alum Stella Galanis, ’16

Kathleen Houston, Adviser October 10, 2018

Stella, no doubt, was certainly one of a kind. As Stella's teacher, she will remain that one special student with the larger than life personality. She was the girl with the beautiful, radiant smile. She...

Reginite of the Month

Reginite of the Month

Mary Berg, Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2015

Grade 9  Beth Gillespie. Beth is hard working, open-minded, and a great person to be around. She is always nice to everyone, is high-spirited, and tries to make others happy. She's always smiling,...

Social Media From a Teacher’s Perspective

Kate Houston, Adviser January 29, 2015

Social media seems to be quite the topic of discussion in the press, in schools, and, yes, on social media sites, too. Much has been said of the millenniums and their lack of social grace or courtesy...

Grand Budapest Hotel

Kathleen Houston, Advisor January 29, 2015

Nostalgia for a place, time, and memory is the heart and soul of Wes Andersen's gem of a movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Because of the quirky and whimsical style of the film, it is a long shot to win best...

The Exorcist

Kate Houston, Adviser October 22, 2014

  I remember going to the theater as a kid to see the 1973 classic horror movie, The Exorcist.  This "R" rated movie traumatized me so much that to this day, I will not see another horror film....

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