Regina’s Annual Events

Regina is home to a lot of traditions, going back to 1958 when Regina first opened its doors.. Throughout the years, students have created so many annual traditions that are still carried out to this day.

In the past, there were several traditions that due to COVID, have not taken place in several years. Regina used to host an annual daddy-daughter dance, mother-daughter tea and fashion show, and a tailgate barbeque on Super Bowl Sunday.  When these activities took place, Student Council organized the daddy daughter dance one Sunday every year. Based on yearbook coverage, the first year the daddy-daughter dance tradition began was 1970. It took place through 2010.

But after the years of hosting the event, input from students was that not everyone had a father figure to bring. Although, students were still allowed to bring whomever they thought acted as a father figure to them, this tradition lost its steam.  Also, the event ended when girls and dads lost interest and stopped attending because it was always on a Sunday night.

On the opposite side of a Father-Daughter tradition was the events sponsored by Regina’s  “Mother’s Club” where Regina moms would come together, plan events, and socialize. They planned a mother-daughter tea and fashion show on one weekend afternoon each year. Students would come with their moms to the cafeteria and have an afternoon of tea and fashion. Like the daddy-daughter dance, students lost interest and as the years went by the Mother’s Club got smaller and smaller. At the time this article was published, there is no longer a Mother’s Club at Regina.

Student Council also organized a Tailgate on Super Bowl Sunday every year. This event would be open to the entire Regina community. They would have a BBQ during lunch and sometimes it would take place in the field. Regina’s last tailgate had 5 families, so it became an administrative collab to stop it after that. But after the tailgate stopped, the Regina community gained Spring Fest, which is still a tradition to this day.

Through a survey sent to Regina students, 51.2% of 84 students polled wanted a daddy-daughter dance, 61.9% of students wanted a mother-daughter tea event, 47.6% of 84 students wanted a fashion show with their moms, and 38.1% of 84 students wanted a tailgate on Super Bowl Sunday.

With the majority of responses coming from freshman and seniors, it seems that the seniors are interested in participating in these old traditions since many of them may be leaving home for college. It’s their last year of high school and want to spend the most of their time with friends and family. Whereas the freshman are interested in participating in many fun events to gain the most of their high school experience.

Regina has held so many traditions and fun events throughout the years, but as time went on and the traditions repeated every year, students got tired of the same thing. It’s been a long time since students got to attend one of these events and now that there are new students, more people are interested.