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Mary Berg, Editor-in-Chief

US to begin ‘Direct Action on the Ground’ in Syria and Iraq 
On Tuesday, Oct. 27, the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced that United States armed forces will begin ground action combayting ISIS. This is in addition to the ongoing airstrikes and ground rescue missions. However, until now, the US has not been in direct ground combat. In response to the urgent need of the area, this is to change within the year.

Former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert pleads guilty in Chicago federal court
On Wednesday, Oct. 28, Former Republican Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert plead guilty to hiding money transactions from the federal government in order to keep secret the recipient of the money. Over $3.5 million reportedly was paid off to a former student in order to cover up sexual misconduct while Hastert was a wrestling coach in Yorkville, Illinois. The recipient of the money has not been publicly identified, and reportedly will not press charges.

Scientists go to Greenland to document drastic effects of climate change 
Dr. Laurence C. Smith
, professor of geography at University of California, Los Angeles, is in the midst of leading a treacherous trek to Greenland in order to document the effects of global climate change. He and a team of six others are researching new lakes and rivers that have melted off of the Greenland Ice Sheet, and often their field work puts them in very dangerous situations. However, the data they are collecting is expected to give unprecedented insight into the real effects of climate change, and what is to come.

Paul Ryan elected Speaker of the House
After former Speaker of the House John Boehner unexpectedly resigned, Republicans had been on the search for a new candidate for Speaker. On Wednesday, Oct. 28, Paul Ryan was elected into the position with 236 votes. The Representative from Wisconsin is the 54th Speaker, and comes to the position in the midst of much conflict within the Republican party itself.

Humanitarian crisis in South Sudan 
On Wednesday, Oct. 28, the African Union released a much anticipated report documenting the atrocities committed in the ongoing conflict between rebels and the government in South Sudan. Instances of frequent gang rape, gun-fire massacres, and even cannibalism were reported on both sides of the conflict. These and others were said to be some of the worst human rights violations of all time, and violence continues to occur within the country.

Greek Coast Guard saves 240 refugees 
On Wednesday, Oct. 28, an overcrowded sumggling vessel capsized in the middle of the Aegean Sea. In one of their biggest rescue operations, the Greek Coast Guard managed to save about 240 people from drowning. However, three died, two of which were children. As the refugee crisis in the area is continuing to escalate, sea rescue missions are becoming more frequent and necessary.

South Carolina Sheriff fired 
Senior Deputy Ben Fields was caught on camera last week flipping an African-American student out of her desk and dragging her across the floor in the middle of class. The incident occurred at Spring Valley High School in Colombia, South Carolina. The officer has been fired, and there is an ongoing internal investigation of his actions.

Russian plane crashes in Sinai Peninsula
Airbus A321 en route from Sarm el-Shiekh, Egypt, to St. Petersburg, Russia crashed on Saturday, Oct. 31, killing all 224 people on board. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, and based on the debris pattern, investigators believe the plane began disintegrating at high altitudes before crashing. Both black boxes in the plane were recovered, and the investigation of the crash is ongoing. Until the investigation is finished, all jets of the same model are not allowed to fly.