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My Experience as an Election Poll Worker

My Experience as an Election Poll Worker

Abigail Farmer, Layout and Design Editor November 10, 2020

Too young to vote in this year's significant election, I decided to become a poll worker. Being a poll worker is not something that I was previously familiar with or even knew I was able to do. To be frank,...

Dr. Linda Liang presents the ground rules for the post-election forum. Photo Credit /Meghan Marrs-McGowan

Post Presidential Election Forum Gives Students a Safe Space to Speak Out

Rachel Lucas, Staff Reporter November 29, 2016

On Nov. 16.,  students and faculty and staff members were invited by the Administration, Leadership Institute, Student Services to an open forum during their lunch period  to discuss, in a safe space,...

Presidential Elect: Donald J. Trump. Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Electoral College: A Threat to a True Democracy?

Rachel Lucas, Staff Reporter November 28, 2016

On Tues. Nov. 8, American citizens voted for one of the four party candidates running for president.  Because of the contentious election season and the final results, many citizens have been scratching...

Katie Collins Social Issue poster.

Social Issue: America Needs Young Voters

Regina Trejo, Music Editor March 10, 2016

The Regina Dominican graphic design class has been working on posters expressing an opinion on a social issues facing society today.  With the November 2016 election around the corner, Katie Collins'...

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright endorses Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire February 6, 2016. Phot credit: Reuters/Adrees Latif

Being a Feminist Doesn’t Mean Young Women Should Vote for Hillary

Mary Berg, Editor-in-Chief February 29, 2016

Recently, former Secretary of State and feminist icon Madeleine Albright repeated a remark that has aggravated many feminists across the nation, especially millennials. On Feb. 7, at a Hillary Clinton...

Photo Credit/-DonkeyHotey-Flikr

It’s Primary Season!

Regina Trejo, Music Editor February 22, 2016

The primary elections for the 2016 Presidential election have started! Primary elections make the real November election easier as they weed out all other candidates until only one in the party remains....

Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Political Candidate Round Up

Hannah Wavrek, Sports Editor January 28, 2016

Okay, so this is it. The first caucus to kick off the primary presidential election just took place in Iowa, starting crunch time for the fifteen presidential hopefuls. The candidates have all been...

Hillary speaking to women at a conference in Manhattan in 2015. Photo Courtesy: Getty

Hillary Clinton: A Strong Candidate for the 2016 Election

Regina Trejo, Staff Reporter October 1, 2015

The 2016 election will soon be upon us. By now, we know that there are many hopeful candidates trying to win over the people of America. As we have seen in the past, there are many men running for president,...

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