Yes, Brushing Your Hair Before Bed Is Good, But Not 100 Strokes


Photo Credit/geehairimages: wikicommons

The myth that you need to brush your hair each night with at least 100 strokes does not have scientific proof to support it.

Long hair has made a comeback. Some of you might have yours in a messy ponytail or maybe you are running it through your fingers right now. We’ve all seen those viral Tik Toks on health, beauty, and great hair, but are your favorite influencers providing truthful tips?

In this Tik Tok, this influencer gives many tips regarding hair health and growth. Most of these tips are pretty useful, but some stretch the truth just a bit. Here’s how we fact- checked it. 

Looking at this influencer’s other trending Tik Toks, we found many other health and beauty tips that appeared pretty sound.  Unfortunately, with the above hair tips video, Dezi Burtanshaw, @deziburtanshaw with 8,383 followers, she did not link any supporting data to her tips.  According to Burtanshaw, some of the benefits of brushing one’s hair 100 strokes before bed are: it removes loose hair, stimulates scalp and increases blood flow, all which help increase hair growth.  

Is there any health benefit in brushing one’s hair 100 strokes before bed.  Many health articles popped up regarding hair brushing myths and benefits. The Wimpole Clinic, located in London, as houses many specialists.  These experts indicated that daily brushing does  stimulate the scalp, but it only makes her ‘look’ healthier by increasing its shine, it does not increase hair growth.   The American Academy of Dermatology Associates, also gave relevant information on this 100 strokes of brushing claim.  The AAD indicated that “excessive brushing can also impact how much hair falls out daily, and brushing 100 strokes a day to increase benefits for growth, is a myth.”

So, should you be brushing your hair 100 strokes before bed?  

The answer is no.  Bottom line, brushing your hair is needed to style, removing loose hair and take away tangles.  Brushing keeps the hair ‘looking’ healthy, but does not add benefits of growth.  It is a myth that hair needs 100 strokes a day. Overbrushing, even gently, can cause more damage than good, especially with certain hair types.  

The two main sources used to fact-check this claim both seem legit. The Whimpole clinic, located in London, was established in 1975, has hair transplant and hair growth specialists. The clinic is recommended by many known organizations in the medical council. This website also includes the most recent inspection report and current rating, which was listed as ‘good’ in all areas of care and information.  The American Academy of Dermatology Associates, is an accredited medical association made up of medical professionals and addressed the hair brushing issue. 

Using the Media Wise rating, we would give this Tik Tok video claim, a rating of : Mixed The claim is half true and half false.