World News: May

Obama's inaugural speech
Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Obama’s inaugural speech Photo Credit/ Pixabay

Sam Koutnik, Opinion Editor

Should the Olympics go on in Rio? CNN says that ticket sales are only at a meager 62% with the sporting events beginning in under 3 months. People are hesitant to attend because of the rising Zika virus.They are concerned about their safety. Also, construction around the city has run into problems. Recently, a newly built bike path that cost $12 million to build collapsed because it was built too quickly in order to be ready for the Olympic games. This collapse killed two people an injured three. There is also question whether or not a subway line will be completed that is supposed to connect all the different locations of the events at the Olympics.

Missing Plane in Egypt. According to, a plane went missing, carrying 66 passengers from Paris to Cairo. It is still unsure why the plane went down. However, terrorism is not out of the picture. The plane departed from Paris at approximately 11 p.m. and was traveling to Cairo, Egypt. At about 3 a.m. the plane fell off  radar and spun out of control. The plan supposedly plummeted 37,000 feet into the Mediterranean Sea. Most sources are speculating that the fall of the plane was more likely from terrorism rather  than a technical error or accident.

Egypt’s military found pieces of the plane, but did not gain any additional information about the crash. A spokesman indicated that body parts and a suitcase were discovered in the sea. The biggest factor in solving the mystery is the plane’s black box. According to , “The black boxes — which are actually orange — are built to withstand crashes, high temperatures and submersion in water. They’re outfitted with an acoustic beacon, known as a “pinger,” which allows the device to be picked up by a signal analyzer if they’re lost underwater.”

Bombing in Syria. There were suicide bombings in Syria on the Mediterranean coast in the cities of Tartous and Jableh. State media has stated that 78 people were killed in the attacks. says that ISIS took full responsibility for the severe attacks. According to a recent police report, two of the bombs exploded in front of the city’s bus station and killed many women and children.

United States lifts ban on sale of military equipment with Vietnam. President Obama said this was done to create harmony between the United States and Vietnam. The ban was originally a result of the Cold War. The United States has since realized that they need to “normalize” their relationship with Vietnam and create a partnership.

China plans to send nuclear equipped submarines into the Pacific ocean some time in 2016. According to the United States Pentagon, “China will probably conduct its first nuclear deterrence patrol sometime in 2016”. China has been developing their weapons for over 30 years now. According to, “The primary reason Chinese military officials give for the move towards a sea-based deterrent is the expansion of US missile defense, which Moscow also claims is disturbing the global strategic balance and potentially stoking a new arms race.”

China has plans to create a bus that will avoid traffic jams. The supposed bus will avoid traffic and will be elevated above other cars level. The bus will allow cars to drive under the bus with a futuristic design. The new invention is predicted to aid in the vast amount of traffic jams in the Beijing area.