Will Vaccine Protection for COVID-19 Wear Off with Rise of Delta Variant?

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In December 2019, a new virus was discovered in the Coronavirus family. Viruses in this family can cause the cold, other types infect animals like bats. But the new virus, named COVID-19, resulted in a rapid outbreak in China, and once it has infected several cities, it moved outside, this made it quickly spread worldwide. Covid-19 is a virus known to have flu-like symptoms, only it has a harsh treatment for those with respiratory issues, or have a malfunctioning immune system. This virus causes a respiratory tract infection, and can either leave you as you were prior, changes to your respiratory system, or worse. But now with Delta Variant rising, would the protection against COVID-19 wear off?

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Though there is not much word going around about this secret third shot of the vaccine to protect us from COVID, there was an article found in the New York Times. They suggest that the majority of Americans get this shot 8 months after they are fully vaccinated. The CDC plans to give the booster shot to health care workers first, but they want to know what the side effects might be. They want people to get this vaccine, but they are going to start the same way they did with the first vaccine. 

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An article published just a few days ago from Associated Press, a news agency located in New York City, tells us that the Biden Administration is being forced to hold back from their plan to release the first shots on the 20th due to lack of decision from the Food and Drug Administration. This makes it clear that the booster shot isn’t FDA approved, considering there’s so much science and evidence needed for the FDA to consider if this is even safe for people to have.  

Though the FDA has not approved the shot, the CDC is thinking about giving the shot to health care workers and elderly first. Much like the first wave of vaccines, people don’t know what’s in this booster shot, or what effects they are supposed to expect afterward.  All the types of the vaccine have applied to get the FDA’s approval, except for the J&J. Even if it does get the approval, will it have the same materials as the COVID vaccine, or will it target Delta Variant only? 

An answer is just a few words away. This topic is seen in newspapers and web articles such as Yale medicine, a  medical group in New Haven, Connecticut, which says that this third dose isnt a new idea. When it was in the making and being distributed to the population, scientists thought that a booster would be needed eventually. The original vaccine is replicated, but can be changed.

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“There will be a need for another shot. They’re calling it a booster, we will all need it eventually. We most likely will need it yearly like a flu shot, where it mutates every year as it infects the world”” a microbiologist said.

Mostly legit. The Booster is going to happen, just now in the third week of September; The CDC has approved of this shot, and are just waiting for the FDA.