Why We’re Actually Thankful for Uniforms!

Photo credit: Sam Koutnik

Photo credit: Sam Koutnik

Sam Koutnik, Staff Reporter

A favorite past-time of Regina students is to complain about wearing the same old plaid skirt or their older sister’s hand-me-down polo everyday. Yet, in reality, we secretly love our school uniforms.

It is so easy to roll out of bed and throw on our plaid skirt. There is no extra effort needed. It’s the Regina way!

I’m sure there was quite a majority of us who stressed out during the past few weeks after selling all of our raffle tickets. I know I felt  pressure in picking out an outfit every day for the two to three week span of being out of uniform for the student raffle.

With our uniforms, there is no stress. We can wear the same outfit every day, regardless if our skirt has been crumbled up on the bedroom floor or has a food stain on it from the previous day.

Uniforms are also a way to help us focus in the classroom. We do not have to worry if our outfit looks good or if people are making judgments about what we are wearing.

Shaun O’Brien ’16 says, ” Wearing a uniform has kept one less thing on my mind that I need to worry about.”

Our dress code will help us, too, when we enter the real world. When we are interviewing for a job, we will know that we need to look professional.  We will know how to present ourselves well. We know that we will need to wear appropriate shoes that are not neon, we will need to have natural looking hair color, and we will not even think about wearing a short skirt.

Overall, although we may complain, uniforms are something we Regina girls would never give up.