When It Comes to Sports Fans, How Far is Too Far?

Imagine you’re at a big NBA game watching Lebron James and his teammates on the Lakers play the Pacers. You’re watching the game as the two teams go into overtime when you hear two fans sitting on the sideline yelling reckless and unethical comments aimed at Lebron James.

On November 24, James made his return after being on a short suspension after he was ejected from a Laker game against the Pistons. As an NBA player, who has fans as well as other people who aren’t so fond of him, he has ignored many comments directed at him. Lebron James has pretty much heard it all.

From the booing to hearing comments on his mother having an alleged affair with a former NBA player, James has been on the receiving end of negative comments,  but never did he think that people would take it to a new extreme.

Allegedly, at the Laker-Pacer game, two fans took it upon themselves to cross the line and make comments related to his son, Bronny.“I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck,”the female Pacers fan yelled allegedly according to bolavip.com.

James was upset, disgusted and angry with the two and their remarks. In response, James pointed to the two fans and requested that they be ejected from the game by the officials. “The fans were ejected for violating the NBA Fan Code of Conduct,” said NBA spokesman, Mike Bass.

Bass continued by saying that the two did make gestures and comments that were inappropriate and certainly directed at James.  Other fans who were in attendance have confirmed, on social media, that they heard comments of that sort coming from the two ejected Pacers fans.

“It’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful, booing your opponents and things of that nature… and then there’s moments where where it goes outside the lines with obscene gestures and words that… shouldn’t be tolerated,” James said in a post-game interview when asked about the situation.

According to ESPN, James has had a pretty long past of  having ‘hecklers’ at previous games.

“I don’t care what you say about me… but don’t be disrespectful,” James said when confronting a fan in 2011 after they made a comment about his mother in front of his kids.

It is clear that situations like this happens pretty often to professional athletes because they are in the public eye and making a lot of money.  There is a point, though, where people cross the line like wishing death on one’s child.

Other examples of previous times when fans have taken it too far in basketball is when Trae Young got spit on by a Knicks fan or Russell Westbrook got popcorn dumped on him by a 76ers fan as he was leaving the court with an injury, or when a fan of the Celtics threw a bottle at Kyrie Irving.

The athletes can’t really retaliate on these actions without getting in trouble. The best and maybe the only way that they can try and stop things like that from happening is confronting them or having them ejected, if matters are serious enough, as James has done both of those things.

”Yes, I feel like they took it too far because even though Lebron James is an athlete, he’s a person before an athlete,” Latrisha Taylor, a student here at Regina Dominican, said after hearing what the fan said.

Many people on Twitter have been expressing their feelings on the situation with the majority of sports fans indicating that the fans went too far.

“If this girl said ‘I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck’, she should never be allowed in a stadium again,” someone on Twitter with the username E-wan Kenobi said.

The situation with Lebron James is just an example of how fans may take things too far. Other athletes in different sports go through situations like this, too.  Fans should know when they’re crossing the line when making comments about athletes and people in general. Sports is entertainment and meant to be fun. It is not a venue to say hurtful, hateful, and spiteful remarks to the athletes, professional or not.