Uncovered: The Regina Dominican Board of Directors


Mr. Thomas Jaconetty, Board Chair facilitates a discussion with the Regina Dominican Board of Directors. Pictured: S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, President, Mr. Thomas Jaconetty, Chair, Mrs. Lynn Caronia Smith, Liza Jessen, ’00, S. Dorita Wotiska, OP, Sarah Thorrens, ’82, Michele Whitehead Photo Credit: Sister Mary Margaret

Mary Berg, Editor-In-Chief

The Regina Dominican Board of Directors is an important, yet often unnoticed part of the Regina community. Regina girls may have seen Board members on stage at graduation, heard them referenced in announcements, or may not even know they exist. Whatever your situation may be, read below to find out a little more about the Regina Dominican Board of Directors.

What is the Regina Dominican Board of Directors?

The Regina Board is a group of volunteers who serve to assist the mission and strategy of Regina, and hope to bring Regina to its full potential with the help of their expertise. According to Board member Sarah Thorrens ’82, the Board is “a governing body of advisors who volunteer their time to guide the strategy and direction of the school.” The Board also works in partnership with the Adrian Dominican Sisters, and is aligned with their mission and message. Board member Julie Kraemer says that “[The Board] is empowered by the Adrian Dominican sisters to manage Regina and its assets in accordance with the Sponsored Institution and to ensure the vitality and viability of the school.”

Who makes up the Board?

The Board is made up of “super fans” of Regina, according to member Lynn Smith Caronia. It is comprised of Adrian Dominican sisters, alumnae, parents, past parents, and other administrative and academic leaders, and is led by the Board Chair, Tom Jaconetty, who works closely with Sister Mary Margaret OP, our school President.

Regina’s Board “consists of educators, lawyers, financial advisors, business professionals, construction personel, among others,” according to member Michele Whitehead. The current members can be found below.

  1. David Berg
  2. Timothy Bopp
  3. Lynn Smith Caronia
  4. Robert Cerone
  5. Thomas Jaconetty (Chair)
  6. Liza Jessen
  7. James Kane
  8. Julie Jansen Kraemer
  9. S. Joan Mehney, OP
  10. Betsy Neville, ‘80
  11. S. Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP (President)
  12. John Reilly
  13. S. Corinne Sanders, OP (Corporate Member)
  14. John Tamisiea
  15. Sarah Thorrens, ’82
  16. Michele Whitehead
  17. S. Dorita Wotiska, OP
  18. Elizabeth Wilkins Luxem ’62, Chair Emerita

What does the Board of Directors do? 

The Board of Directors is “a critical component of the structure and operation of Regina,” according to the Chair, Tom Jaconetty. “The Board sets policy and direction. It determines ‘the big picture’, the ‘future’, the goals and initiatives to acheive the ultimate mission of the school,” he also says.

For example, the Board was key in creating the Leadership Institute, and designing and implementing the plans for the new cafeteria. They also approve budgets and other financial requests. The Board meets bi-monthly in order to accomplish their goals. They also work in committees, and each committee presents information at every board meeting.

The specific committees are listed below.

  1. Advancement
  2. Mission Integration
  3. Buildings and Grounds
  4. Nominating
  5. Executive
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Finance
  8. Gateway to Leadership Campaign
  9. Marketing and Communications

How does the Board directly affect the lives of Regina Girls, and why are they important?

The Board is not involved in the day-to-day lives of Regina girls, like the teachers and administrators. However, almost every decision they make directly impacts the lives of students. The cafeteria, Leadership Institute, marketing and design changes, and building and grounds changes are all results of the actions of the board. They plan, strategize, and finance the major operations of the school.

Additionally, according to Sarah Thorrens, “Board members are also heavily involved in leveraging business, alumnae and community relationships to spread the word about Regina.” Board members are present at many Regina functions, promoting the school. Finally, the Board is “primarily important for governance and ensuring management competence and succession,” says Julie Kraemer.

How does a person become a Board member?

Board members are nominated by the Nominating committee, and then are subject to approval by entire Board and the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Members are nominated for three-year terms, and can serve two terms in a row, possibly more with the approval of the rest of the board.

Sometimes, potential members approach the Board and ask to be a part of it, and they are then subject to approval by the Board and the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

Overall, the Board of Directors is essential to Regina Dominican’s daily operations, even though it may not always be obvious. “Operating a school is no easy task,” says Sr. Joan Mehney, OP, and the Board is here to help. The Board has the best interests of Regina Dominican in mind, and constantly strives to make Regina the best place it can be.

Its true mission can be summed up by Mr. Tom Jaconetty, the Chair of the Board: “Membership on the Regina Board has been one of my most personally fulfilling professional experiences.  It has been a pleasure to work with such talented people who are driven by passion and commitment and who all share my belief that the cause is so much more important than any one of us individually. We all want Regina to thrive because it is a truly special place. Single gender, college preparatory, Dominican (prayer, study, community, and ministry), Catholic, female-empowering, multi-cultural education which promotes academic excellence and personal growth–that is what the Board is all about.”