Cafeteria Chat with Chef Evelyn Mendoza

Isabel Hook, Staff Reporter

November 24, 2019

Here at Regina Dominican, a common saying is "Regina Girls Eat." As food enthusiasts, we girls will tell you that we all have our favorites. Senior Mia Campanini did not hesitate to state her very favorite, "Bosco Sticks are superior." Chef Evelyn Mendoza recently began her second year at Regina....

Journey Down Route 66 with Chef Evelyn’s Tasty S’mores Hot Chocolate and Rib Sandwich

Journey Down Route 66 with Chef Evelyn's Tasty S'mores Hot Chocolate and Rib Sandwich

Lucie Sullivan, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2018

Welcome to Regina's food column to everything tasty and cooked right here in the Regina Dominican cafeteria! Yum, today I get the special treat to review both a breakfast and lunch option from our menu. Hopefully, you were able to get your lips on the s'mores hot chocolate while they lasted. This delicious drink was hot and sug...

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