Staff Profile: Ms. Colleen Kaferly

Paws up to our newest member in the Regina community! Meet Ms. Colleen Kaferly!

Ms. Kaferly takes on two roles here at Regina Dominican. She is not only a math teacher, but she is a sophomore advisor as well. Paws up for advisory 313! Before working at Regina Dominican Ms. Kaferly worked as a math teacher at Gemini Jr. High in Niles. Ms. Kaferly also spent a year teaching at the home of the Bandits, Resurrection College Prep High School. Thankfully, Ms. Kaferly is now part of the Panther Pack.

Kaferly explained what led her to Regina Dominican. Kaferly said, “I wanted to move back into teaching high school, I had grown up in the area and knew the reputation of Regina and its strong academics. I wanted to pursue a career where I was challenging exceptional young women to become their best.”

When asked how Regina differs from her prior experiences, straight off the bat, Kaferly stated, “Well there’s no… young boys here,” which is a pretty big difference. She then mentioned that “One of the biggest changes is respect. There is so much respect here, the girls respect each other, they respect the teachers, and just the feeling of respect within the community is probably the biggest difference. Also the work ethic. The hard work. The wanting to succeed… is something completely different.” As a Regina girl, hearing this was heartwarming.

Ms. Kaferly was asked where she went to college and what she studied. Pointing to her sweatshirt, she said “I went to the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, and I graduated with a bachelors in secondary math education.”

Ms. Kaferly said that in her free time she loves to exercise, play any type of sport, or coach a sport. Her favorite sport to coach is basketball. This could be due to the fact that she played basketball all throughout high school.

“Can you describe yourself in one sentence,” was the next question asked. After a bit of hesitation she finally responded stating, “I am an understanding and compassionate teacher who relates math to her students’ lives.”

With not yet experiencing a REGINA pep rally, Kaferly declared that is what she was most excited for. She heard, “they get… what’s the word… ridiculous.” She is not wrong.

Ms. Kaferly’s favorite part of the day is study, for it gives her an opportunity to know girls outside of her classes and see them in a non-academic relationship.

One thing, Ms. Kaferly responded, that no one knows about her is that in her spare time she crochets blankets and donates them to homeless shelters.

After getting to know a little more about Ms. Kaferly, she has certainly proven to be a vital member to the Regina community.