Staff Profile: Mrs. Mariagrazia D’Angelo

Paws Up to our newest member in the Regina Community…. Mrs. Mariagrazia D’Angelo!

Mrs. D’Angelo is one of Regina Dominican’s newest World Languages’ teachers. She has had ten years of experience in teaching both in her high school and on the college levels.

She said, “Each opportunity had something unique to offer and I was very excited to see the students and their continuous development.”

Mrs. D’Angelo had done a lot of research on different schools in the area and discovered that Regina truly aligned with her professional beliefs. She also likes the fact that Regina is a smaller, more intimate setting, so she can get to really know her students. Prior to teaching, Mrs. D’Angelo received her undergraduate degree from the University of California- Santa Barbara and her master’s degree in European Languages and Literature from the University of Hawaii Manoa.

She taught at an all-girls Catholic high school in Hawaii and said that this was one of the things that attracted her in teaching at Regina Dominican. D’Angelo mentioned that she really enjoyed the all-girls school environment.

Besides education, an activity she enjoyed doing the most was “body surfing” at Waikiki Beach. D’Angelo is married with two teenagers who are both in high school. D’Angelo hardly ever has any free time; however,  D’Angelo is most passionate about lifelong learning and she wants her students to succeed.

A fun fact about Mrs. D’Angelo includes her thoughts about retirement. She said, “I would like to retire to a ranch living the cowboy life while raising chickens and cattle.”