Staff Profile: Mr. Brian Mancuso

Paws up to our newest member in the Regina community. Meet Mr. Brian Mancuso!

One of our newest panthers, Mr. Brian Mancuso, joined the Regina Dominican High School family this past July. Mancuso is Regina’s Athletic Director who manages scheduling, organization within athletics, evaluation of coaching staff, and some aspects of budget and finance.

A 2004 graduate of Indiana State University, he majored in social science education and minored in economics. Mr. Mancuso began his career as a teacher of English, social studies, and later on, dual credit of micro-economics on the high-school level.

He continued his work in Indiana where he became the Assistant Athletic Director at Terre Haute South High School in 2007. Four years later, Mancuso was promoted to Athletic Director, where he continued his passion for sports.

After an engagement and wedding, Mr. Mancuso took the position as Interim Athletic Director at Lake Forest High School before coming to Regina several months later.

Mr. Mancuso found great excitement in coming to Regina, since he has always wanted to work in a private school. He knew Regina had an amazing reputation in the community.

So far this year, Mancuso has loved working with our student athletes who, as he said, “are kids who want to be at school and want to do well.” He also expressed a deep appreciation for our small community feel.

When asked how to describe himself in one sentence, Mancuso responded, “Probably, I’m a Sports Guy.” As a spectator, his favorite sport to watch is baseball, especially, the St. Louis Cardinals.

One of his most memorable sports memories was cheering on the Cardinals in Game 2 of the 2011 World Series when they suffered a tough lost in the ninth inning. Besides sports, Mr. Mancuso loves to read and visit museums.

Mancuso is most excited to showcase Regina’s facilities and winning culture at the upcoming Volleyball Regional Showcase. He has great enthusiasm about working with all of the extra-curricular activities at Regina and learning about different sports like bass fishing and bowling.

Paws up to our new Activities Director, Mr. Brian Mancuso. The Regina community is looking forward to sharing their Panther Pride with you.