Staff Profile: Mr. Andrew Michalek

Paws Up to the newest member of the Regina community… Meet Mr. Andrew Michalek!

Regina Dominican welcomed many new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year, including an addition to the social studies department, Mr. Andrew Michalek. With an undergraduate degree in radio broadcasting from Columbia College Chicago, a master’s degree in history from Roosevelt University, and a master’s in education from DePaul, Mr. Michalek is an exciting contribution to the Regina community.

Before teaching at Regina, Mr. Michalek taught 8th grade Social Science in Freeport, IL, which he says “was an experience I valued” and taught him that, “a job can also be an experience.”

He has also worked with Wendella Boat Tours since 2009, where he enjoys giving architecture tours.

Speaking of things he enjoys, Mr. Michalek has loved to travel from a young age and now looks forward to planning big trips with his wife every summer to fun places such as the National Parks. While he likes to camp and enjoys high-energy activities, he also appreciates taking time to wind down with LEGO saying, “There is nothing better than forgetting everything and building a fun set.”

Mr. Michalek has cherished his time at Regina so far and values the spirit and determination of his students. He comments that “there is so much school pride and drive to succeed. I did not see that at my last school.” He adds, “I feel like teenage girls work harder, and are more driven to succeed than their male counterparts. Teaching students that care about their work and school really motivates me to be the best educator I can be.”

Michalek’s experience in a history classroom is an important asset that makes him such a great contribution to the team of staff. However, he also brings experience from his past in other high-school activities such as track and field, choir, and the musical and fall play (fun fact: Mr. Michalek dislocated his knee back in high school during a play rehearsal).

While his past participation in the theater drives him to be excited for this year’s fall musical, “The Wizard Of Oz”, he says he’s also excited about the Black and White Gala, which he plans to attend with his wife.

When asked to describe himself in a sentence, Michalek said, “I am compassionate and adventurous” which no doubt is a reason he loves teaching his AP US History class, saying, “It feels like I’m back in grad school discussing and analyzing our past.”

Michalek says, “The atmosphere at Regina is so positive” and thus far “it has been a really positive experience.” In response, we are positively delighted to welcome him into the Regina Dominican family.