Regina’s Intense Spirit


Kathryn Cressy, Staff Reporter

“Go big or go home” is a phrase you will often hear before a pep rally at Regina. It perfectly describes our attitude towards our school spirit, because we tend to go a little overboard in expressing our spirit.

The atmosphere during a pep rally is very special. As the girls pile into the gym, you can feel the excitement. Every single girl is eager to get loud, and that is one thing Regina girls are very good at. Often times after a pep rally our ears are ringing and our hands are red and sore from clapping. Our pep rally themes are always crazy.

Last year, the junior class had every single student participate in dressing up as the designated theme. It not unlikely to see girls going all out in support of their grade’s theme. Capes, morph suits, or full body chicken or gorilla costumes are just some outfits you can see gracing Regina’s hallways.

gnimocemoH is one of the most exciting times for Regina Spirit. It’s an entire week for girls to dress up to the theme of the day, and it offers girls plenty of opportunities to showcase their spirit. Activities are planned all day. It can involve girls dancing on the tables to “High School Musical” (a Regina favorite) or relay races in the lunchroom- with girls sometimes riding (and falling) on scooters. All the while being cheered on by their classmates because again, Regina girls like to be loud. It can get ridiculous, but it’s Regina, and that’s why we love it here.

Our spirit isn’t isolated to pep rallies or gnimocemoH. It follows us around everywhere we go. Many girls traveled to watch Regina play against our biggest rival, Resurrection.  The cheering can be so excessive that Reginites often leave games without a voice.

The environment at Regina is truly like no other. It is a place where girls can let go. Where else can girls dance on tables to “Stick to the Status Quo“?

This kind of spirited environment is why Regina girls are the confident young women that we are. We’re not afraid to be silly; it’s actually encouraged. Regina is a unique place, but it is so fun, and that’s why we love it.