Regina News

Kathryn Cressy, Media and Culture Editor

Classes Resume for Reginites
On Jan. 4, Regina girls came back to school from their two week long Christmas Break. Second semester runs through the beginning of June 2016.

Alumni Come Back For a Holiday Break Visit
College age alumnae came back to Regina on Jan. 7 for a chance to meet old school friends and have lunch in the cafeteria. Pizza was provided by the Regina Alumni Association. Teachers had a chance to touch base with their former students and the alumnae had some quality time reminiscing with their friends.

Leadership Scholar Presentations
In early January, sophomores and juniors presented their first semester research as part of the Leadership Scholars Program. The following students and their presentations took place.

  • Arabella Adams, What are angiogenesis inhibitors and how could they be used in the treatment of cancer?
  • Katherine Burke, How has Haiti’s health care transformed since the earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2010?
  • Kaitlin Clancy, How can 3-D Printing be Used to Benefit Societal Needs in Disaster Struck Areas?
  • Kyliegh Dalkin, What are the positive and negative effects of technology use on the brain?
  • Hailey Hoffman, How has social awareness of hearing disabilities and sign language led to a better quality for life for the hearing impaired?
  • Gilian King, Why are vaccinations needed in world? How can we disprove those who say otherwise? 
  • Rachel Lucas, How are women’s athletics culturally and emotionally unequal from men’s athletics and what steps can be taken to make them equal?
  • Nina Menon, Is mental illness on the rise among the teenage population today?
  • Meagen Murphy, Are the chemicals found in sunscreen impacting our earth’s marine environments?
  • Jennifer Ovist, What is Art Therapy and how is it used to treat mental illness?
  • Grace Tamisiea, How has pay wages and availability of jobs for women in the U.S. changed since 1960?
  • Sherril Vallikalam, Does socio-economic status affect access to treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Claire Beiter, How has immigration and our attitudes towards it changed over the past 200 years?
  • Elizabeth Hancuch, How did Columbia University’s administration’s handling of a publicized sexual assault case reflect rape culture in the U.S.?
  • Maggie McNaughton, Should college athletes be paid to play?
  • Emily Miller, What branches of medicine are heavily populated by women and how has this female dominance advanced technology and procedures?
  • Colleen Palmer, Is technology causing social skills to deteriorate? If so, hoe can we work to solve this rising issue?
  • Kayley Radler, How does the mind of a genius differ from that of a normal person and is it possible to “grow” your brain to be more like a genius?

Class of 2020
On Jan. 9, future Reginites of the class of 2020 took their entrance exam here at Regina. Good luck and welcome to Regina!

Resurrection Vs. Regina Basketball Game
The Panthers played the Resurrection Bandits on Jan. 19 in the much anticipated and annual rival basketball game. Many Regina Girls came out to support their classmates as the Panthers battled the Bandits on the court. Unfortunately, Regina lost to the Bandits. There is always next year!

Spring Play Auditions
The drama department held auditions for its latest spring production. Auditions were held on Jan. 20 and Jan. 21. This year’s play will be performed on March 18.

Tri-M Night of Music
On Thursday, Jan. 28, Tri-M students got to showcase their musical talents at the annual Night of Music in the auditorium at Regina.

Reginites March For Life
On Jan. 20, Reginites For Life left for Washington D.C to walk in the March For Life. However, due to the large snow storm that was to hit the nation’s capital, the Reginites did not get the opportunity to walk in the march and had to leave early.

Dodgeball Tournament
Regina partnered up with Notre Dame College Prep for our annual dodgeball tournament. Students were able to organize teams to play in the tournament on Jan. 29. The proceeds from the tournament went to our First Responders (paramedics, police, and firemen).

Sophomore Retreat
On Friday Jan. 29, the sophomore class went to Feed My Starving Children for their once-a-year retreat. Their retreat was focused on the Dominican pillar of service.