Regina Dominican’s Very Own Stress Management Support Group


Photo Credits: Regina Trejo

Regina Trejo, Music Editor

Feeling stressed? Don’t fret! Regina Dominican has its very own Stress Management Support Group. To be exact, there are three different groups.

The groups were created this year and are led by Dr. Caine, the freshmen and sophomore counselor. She said that they “help Regina girls learn how to reduce stress and manage stressful situations in their daily lives while understanding the nature of stress and its impact on one’s physical, social-emotional, and behavioral health.” The 25 girls who have participated in the groups are able to learn effective strategies for solving stressful situations, and they do so in a supportive setting.

Within these meetings, girls share their stressful situations, whether they be about school, family, friends, or other relationships. They learn to face their problems through conversation, eating well, sleeping, exercising, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Two of the groups are focused on talking out problems and learning how to handle their stress, while the other has an emphasis on exploring relaxation techniques. To join a group, you must first talk to your counselor to see if it would truly be beneficial for you. When in a group, you meet once a week during a selected class period.

Many Regina girls have joined the groups and find them helpful and enjoyable. One student participant says, “it feels like a safe place where I can speak freely about my stressors and frustrations that occur in school.” Others note that it’s a great place to unload emotions in an comfortable way.

Managing stress in high school is very important as there are so many emotional triggers in teenagers’ constantly moving life. When overwhelmed by stress, some can experience anxiety disorders, verbal aggression, delinquent behavior, depression, eating disorders, decreased self-esteem, or may turn to alcohol and drugs.

No Regina girl should be embarrassed or afraid to seek help with stress. Dr. Caine says, “Some students don’t understand that participating in a stress management group is healthy and helpful – and not an indication that they are ‘broken’ or that there’s ‘something wrong with them.'” By learning and attaining stress management skills early in life, one can prepare for a life full of ups and downs to come.