PAWS UP Week of 10/19

Michelle Orth recognizes The Sophomore Class Leadership Board

The SCLB did an amazing job planning/organizing Ring Day and helping out at Mass!


Pattie Fuentes recognizes Ellie Rich, Elizabeth Michalek, Megan Vescio

For a putting together an awesome Open House. Paws Up!


Kathy Maher recognizes MaKenna Keating

Spreading sunshine each morning as she enters school


Ellie Rich recognizes The Open House Tour Guides

Student Tour Guides did a wonderful job giving tours at Sunday’s Open House!


Lisa Boris recognizes Ms. Orth, Sr. Katherine, Mrs. Allworth, Dr. Porecca, Ms. Eichler, Ms. Cairns, Mrs. Biegel, Mr. Michalek, Mrs. Maher, Mr. Pligge, the student music, Eucharistic ministers and the lectors.

For their amazing work preparing for yesterday’s Ring Day Mass


Sarah McNeely recognizes Veronia Crain

Veronica served as our “featured artist” for Sunday’s Open House, working on a landscape painting during school tours.


Sarah McNeely recognizes Noah Pligge, Olina Ishaya, Tamia Quach, Abbey Schurr, Maddie Simonson

Mr. Pligge and these students from Tech Theatre created over 30 clay boards so Art Foundations could safely start their ceramic unit!


Andrew Michalek recognizes Ellie Lorraine

Ellie took time out of her day to speak to Mr. Michaleks Apush class. She detailed her experince in the class, and gave thoughtful advice on how to handle the work load and stress.


Brian Mancuso recognizes Laura Strenk

Athlete of the Week, IHSA Sectional Tennis Champion