PAWS UP! For The Week Of November 8th

Nominator: May Stenson

Nominee(s): Student Council Officers and Members

Why? Creating a fun and spirited gnimocemoH week and Halloween celebration!


Nominator: Virginia Biegel

Nominee(s): Reganne French, Maddie Simonson, Michelle Orth

Why? Organizing a fantasitc pep assembly!

Nominator: Veronica Arends

Nominee(s): Allison Buck

Why? Assuming that I’m still in my 20’s last week 😉


Nominator: Mr. Pligge

Nominee(s): Senior Musical Members

Why? Congratulations on your last musical!


Nominator: Mr. Pligge & Ms. V

Nominee(s): Artist of the Week: Beca Marqueda

Why? Musical.


Nominator: Brian Mancuso

Nominee(s): Cate McNamara

Why? Athlete of the Week-Had a time drop at the IHSA New Trier Sectional. Also, perfect attendance at practice.