Panther Patio: A New Outdoor Space for Regina Girls


Regina Trejo

Start of Panther Patio renovation on October 22

Regina Trejo, Staff Reporter

The Regina Dominican student body and staff have held an annual fundraising event by selling raffle tickets. The raffle has dated back to 1965, when a new Volkswagon was the prize. Now, each student is asked to sell $150 worth of raffle tickets. The money raised is used to fund a worthwhile project at Regina Dominican. Previous fund-raisers have helped build a new dancing studio or purchase over one hundred iPads.

This year’s goal is to build a new outdoor space in the courtyard between the cafeteria and the old convent called the Panther Patio. The area has already been gutted and cleaned so renovation can begin.

Mr. Christopher Zalinski, father of Stephanie Zalinski ’17 and Emily Zalinski ’17, has already begun the landscaping with the help of his crew from his company, Chris’ Landscape, Inc.

Landscaping included taking ivy off the exterior wall of the theology wing, uprooting all of the grass to replace it, and planting a few small trees in the area.

The team behind the idea of the Panther Patio is Mr. Brodeur, Mrs. Kitchie, and Ms. Reilly.

Mrs. Kitchie, Vice-President of Advancement said the ultimate goal is to “create a space we are going to love to be in.” She also noted that one of the intentions of building the patio is to create a space that will foster community-building.

The space will include be picnic tables for eating lunch, a vegetable garden, a greenhouse that will encourage student involvement, and seating for classrooms to work outside.

Layout plans for the Panther Patio

The idea of creating the Panther Patio was suggested as an extension to the cafeteria. Student Council and the advisers of the project envision creating more of a campus for Regina Dominican through this new addition.

Mrs. Kitchie believes that the attachment to the cafeteria will benefit everyone from the outgoing seniors to incoming  prospective students.

Project Panther Patio will need to be funded by $40,000 from the raffle to become a reality. This project, so much smaller than the cafeteria renovation, will be much easier to finish. The timing of the raffle will allow the work to be finished faster.

The estimated time for the patio’s grand opening, as many students are already wondering about, will be as soon as possible. The team working behind the project want all of the students of the 2015-2016 school year to enjoy the space. A specific date is unknown. Ms. Reilly said, We’re working on it right now and we’re working on it to be done as soon as possible. 

We’re working on it right now and we’re working on it to be done as soon as possible.”

— Ms. Reilly

She would like to see the Panther Patio ready for use in the spring of this school year.

The addition of this outdoor space will be a great attachment to the Regina Dominican campus. The area will serve as the perfect hub for student activities and gatherings. Get ready to enjoy the Panther Patio!