Panther of the Month: January

Grace Galante, Content & Social Media Editor


Our Freshmen Panther of the Month is…….Gabi Kerrigan!

Gabi Kerrigan is known for her hard work in school, her athleticism, her humor, and most importantly, her kindness to others. According to Gabi’s classmates, she “cares about everyone around her, never overlooks anyone’s problems and tries to help them.” She is also “a very encouraging person, so supportive, and never quick to judge anyone.” Additionally, Gabi is admired for her knowledge about current events and her ability to stay informed. Paws Up to Gabi!


Our Sophomore Panther of the Month is……..Maddie Simonson!

Even though her classmates describe her as “underrated”, Maddie Simonson did not go unnoticed for Panther of the Month! Maddie Simonson is always up to lend a helping hand, and “helps a lot of people with their issues inside and outside of school.” Her classmates also describe her as “such a goddess” and “having the most school pride.”  Paws Up to Maddie!


Our Junior Panther of the Month is…….Jackie Fuentes!

Jackie not only is an “amazing dancer and great leader”, but she is an amazing Panther as well. According to her classmates, Jackie “is the nicest girl in our grade, she’s definitely the best of us. She truly embodies the best values of a Regina Girl!” Jackie is also described by her classmates as “always fun to be around, positive, helpful and kind to everyone.” Lastly, Jackie can brighten anyone’s day! Paws Up to Jackie!


Our Senior Panther of the Month is……Violet Chube!

When Violet Chube is not busy being The Crown‘s very own news editor, she is “always is super nice and positive” and “the sweetest girl ever!” Violet is known for being a hard worker, very easy to talk to about anything, her great sense of humor, and for always being available to help others. She is also known for being “so so kind and such an amazing person.” Paws Up to Violet!