No, The Government Did Not State Under Oath That They are in Possession of UFO’s and Non-human Alien Bodies

Lizzo at the 2019 Music awards
Lizzo at the 2019 Music awards
Photo Credit/ Cosmopolitan UK/Wikimedia

The Claim

On July, 26 2023 Lizzo posted a statement on her X, formerly known as Twitter, page claiming that the government said they are in possession of UFOs and alien bodies.

“Aye.. I know there’s a lot of pop culture news and memes going on but… THE GOVERNMENT JUST STATED *UNDER OATH* THAT THEY ARE IN POSSESSION OF UFOs AND NON-HUMAN ALIEN BODIES YALL WTF”

Twitter post made by Lizzo (Photo Credit/ Twitter )


Who is behind this information?

Lizzo is a very popular singer and performer. She has a huge presence on social media, so many people trust the information she posts online to be true. After doing a quick Google search about what actually happened at the hearing, I found her statement to be untrue. Online I found a transcript of the hearing. She took the statements that were made at the hearing out of context. The government did not say these things, the witnesses did. This was also surprising to hear coming from Lizzo because she has no history of spreading misinformation.

A look into the evidence.

Lizzo was referring to the July 26th congressional subcommittee hearing. This hearing was about the government allegedly being in possession of aliens. Though many shocking claims were made throughout the hearing, Lizzo’s claim overstates what actually happened at the hearing.

Three former military officers spoke at the hearing, making many eye-brow raising claims. The two men that spoke were former US navy aviators Ryan Graves and David Fravor. They both are seen has credible because they have both been involved with encounters with unconventional aircraft’s operating within the US military airspace. They made many claims about UFO’s and non-human body’s. They claimed that the government knows more about UFOs than they want to tell the public. They also stated that the government is absolutely in possession of UFOs, that they have interviewed people that have discovered ‘non-human biological, and that the stigma associated with UFO sightings ‘silences’ potential witnesses.

Our rating

This statement is not legit. None of these witnesses were speaking on behalf of the US government, and the US government itself never made claims like this. Therefore, this tweet is untrue and taken out of context.

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