Ms. Cairns: Not just a Teacher


Photo Credit/Sam Koutnik

Sam Koutnik, Opinion Editor

Spanish and Advisory teacher Ms. Cairns is like any student at Regina Dominican. She too, is a student, in addition to being a teacher. She is currently enrolled in an Administration and Supervision program at Loyola University in Chicago, and has already completed a year and a half of the 3 year program. On top of teaching and grading assignments, she has to complete many assignments and papers of her own.

Cairns graduated from Resurrection High School in 2007. She then went on to college at Loyola University Chicago. At Loyola, she double majored in Secondary Education (B.S.) and in Spanish (B.A.). She graduated with the class of 2012.

Cairns knew that she always wanted to go back to school after graduation, she just did not know what for. It was actually Mrs. McDonell that recommended that Ms. Cairns try the Administration and Supervision program at Loyola University. She is glad she made the choice to enroll and is excited to complete her education.

The classes she is currently taking in graduate school are preparing her to be an administrator such as a principal. She takes classes related to curriculum data, observing teachers, special education, and eventually she will have to take a law class. Alongside teaching 5 days a week, she also goes to her own class once a week.

Ms. Cairns is an interactive and natural born teacher. She incorporates technology into everyday classes and is always excited to help students all levels of Spanish students, from freshman to seniors, learn the Spanish language. Surprisingly, she did not always want to be a teacher. Before she started teaching, she wanted to study art history.

Cairns says, “After working at Regina my passion became teaching.” She said that she is always improving as a teacher and taking in what she learns from teaching.

Ms. Cairns is also currently completing an internship here at Regina alongside teaching and going to classes. Through her internship, she completes different projects throughout the school and works with her Loyola Professor on these projects.

After she completes her graduate degree, Cairns would like to go back to school once again and complete her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Her ultimate goal is to  become a professor at a university.

Overall, Ms. Cairns is an asset to Regina Dominican, and her ambitious education goals are quite impressive given her current busy schedule.