Martha Graham Is The Mother of Dance

Ms. Valadez, Contributing Staff Writer

Martha Graham, also known as the “Mother” of modern dance, is well known for the development of the Graham technique, which focuses on “contraction and release,” inhalation and exhalation, and percussive movement.
Graham has been an influential female figure in the concert dance world because of her risk-taking in the development of modern dance. Martha broke away from the codified technique of ballet in search for movement that challenged dancers to find the connection between their pattern of breath and emotion in movement.
Graham’s dramatic and theatrical choreography surprised audiences by focusing on controversial topics such as religion, community, and society as well as love and betrayal.
Martha Graham created the Martha Graham Dance Company, which is a professional company based out of New York City. Graham’s choreography is still performed today and her codified Graham technique is still incorporated within multiple dance programs throughout the world.