Let’s Play Ping-Pong!

Regina Purchases Ping-Pong Tables For Cafeteria!


Clare Broderick ’16 and Jessica Wollney ’16 play ping pong. Kathryn Cressy/The Crown.

Kathryn Cressy, Media and Culture Editor

As you know, there are tons of fun and unique things here at Regina. There are pep rallies, Gnimocemoh, and other fun clubs. Now, we can also add ping-pong or table-tennis to this list.

This year, as many of you have probably seen, Regina Dominican purchased two ping-pong tables for our newly renovated  cafeteria. These tables were funded through the student raffle.

Ms. Reilly, a staff member of the advancement department and head of the student raffle, said, “The money raised this year- $43,750 total, went towards the Panther Patio and two ping-pong tables with accessories (paddles, ping-pong balls).”

“We wanted something that would be a fun addition to the school that everyone could use. The idea was suggested to us, and we thought it would be a great addition to the new cafeteria.” Ms. Reilly added.

While you’re playing a round of ping-pong with your friends or members of the faculty, like Ms. McDonell, Mrs. Kitchie, or Ms. Pins, try and think of other fun ideas for next year’s raffle collection.

“We always ask student council about ideas for where the money from the raffle should go, I met with them twice this year. We are always open to ideas and suggestions for future raffles!” Ms. Reilly emphasized.