Homework Lab: Here to Help

Photo Credit/Sam Koutnik

Photo Credit/Sam Koutnik

Sam Koutnik, Opinion Editor

Crown conducted a Q & A with Dr. Caine to provide students with a better understanding of Regina’s Homework Lab and why students should attend. If a student is struggling with a class or they just need a quiet environment to study or get homework done, then they should take advantage of this helpful resource that is offered each school day.

What is the purpose or philosophy of Homework Lab?
Research supports there is a high correlation between academic success and homework completion.  Homework Lab offers students the opportunity to gain tutorial assistance and/or a quiet study space after school.  Some students find the environment to be more appealing than other settings which may offer more distractions that may impede their ability to complete their homework in a timely manner. Other students struggle with homework completion in general, and find the structured study time helpful to get their work done.

Why is it now called Homework Lab?
We felt the term “club” watered down the seriousness and importance of creating a productive space for students to obtain assistance from their teachers in an environment conducive toward studying.  “Club” connotes a leisure or extracurricular activity.

How often do you try to meet each month?
Homework Lab is offered most days after school. Teachers have posted a schedule in a visible location in their classrooms.
How is the attendance? Are there many people attending?
We just instituted this new initiative in mid-November. We’re excited by the increase of student attendance in the month of December.